Compact Powder Cure Ovens

New “Jumbo” Size Compact Oven

Our compact powder cure ovens are suitable for alloy wheels, bike frames and small components.

At last an industrial and heavy duty gas fired oven that is easily transported and installed.

Check out the following features and you will realise that this in another unique product from Europe’s leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art powder coating pre-treatment machinery.

Compact Powder Curing Oven
Compact Curing Oven
  • Internal Size: 2 M wide x 1.5 M deep x 1.8 M high.
  • 2 x conveyor tracks available, any length at £20 per metre.
  • 60 kW Gas Burner. Either natural gas or L.P.G.
  • Heat up time is approximately 15 minutes.
  • Fits 2 x sets of wheels.
  • Transported in one piece – no re-assembly costs.
  • Easy Installation – plug & play if L.P.G.
  • Complete with all safety features and fully compliant. Internal door safety release mechanism, air pressure switch and over temperature cut off.
  • Single phase high temperature heat distribution fan.
  • Computer controlled timing with easy to use features.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Professionally designed and made in the UK. Suitable for top quality refurb shops.
compact curing oven control panel
Compact Curing Oven Control Panel
Compact Curing Oven
Compact Curing Oven
Compact Curing Oven
Compact Curing Oven


£10,250 per unit

Price excludes VAT