Ordering and Payment

We advise customers to visit us, if practical, and inspect the equipment being built in our large fabrication shop. Here you will see that the design, fabrication, electrical panels and software are all produced in-house.

We also powder coat our own produce.

A visit also allows us to discuss your own requirements in detail and gives us the opportunity to design bespoke versions of our products to best fit the design and layout of your processes.

When you are clear on your requirements we require an official order to be submitted with a 25% deposit paid.

We then build and test run the plant and after approval a further 70% of the total price is payable.

After delivery, installation and testing, the balance is due.

All products are fully guaranteed for 12 months and in most cases this can be extended if a service contract is taken out.

All prices are plus VAT.

Important – Due to large rises in the costs of materials caused by the decrease in the pound’s value following the BREXIT vote, we may have to increase our selling price. Please enquire.